The medicinal cannabis industry is full of unique and exciting possibilities. The kinds of products and services that might emerge are highly diverse. And the potential scale of this industry is vast.

It is also highly uncertain. Regulations are still being written, markets are still undefined, and medical scientific research is only just getting started.
Cannabis Consulting Australia helps our clients navigate this uncertainty. We understand the industry as a whole in order to join the dots between global trends and local markets. We are always up to date with current events so that we can provide both relevant and timely advice. And our approach is always specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.

Support for Licence and Permit Applications

Many of our clients are now at the point where they are ready to apply for Federal and/or State licences for the cultivation, production and/or manufacture of cannabis products. The regulations are complex, and we can provide essential support to ensure that your application is completed in a timely and efficient manner. Please see our October 2016 summary of the current state of the regulations.

We can help by developing key license application deliverables including site specifications and plans, access and security plans, emergency services arrangements, and policies and procedures (Federal regulations require each application to include “a copy of the standard operating procedures and policies that will be used to undertake the activities”).

Introductory Presentation: Benefitting from the new industry

This one hour presentation and discussion session will provide you with the knowledge you need to get started in the medicinal cannabis industry. If you are looking to create a new medicinal cannabis business, or if you want to find out how your existing business might be able to benefit from medicinal cannabis, this is suitable for you.

This session includes:

  • A comprehensive summary of current Australian legislation and regulation at Federal and State/Territory levels
  • Market analysis of the major players in Australia and their international partners
  • Information on global cannabis industries and how they relate to Australia
  • Industry sector-specific analysis based on your needs

To schedule an Introductory Presentation, please contact us.

Consultation Session: Achieving your objectives in the market

This consultation and analysis session will provide you with an understanding of how CCA can help you achieve your business objectives. If you are established in the Australia medicinal cannabis industry, or if you are looking to bring your established medicinal cannabis (or ancillary) business to the Australian market, this is suitable for you.

This session begins the requirements gathering process and is the first step towards the development of project-specific work proposal. The kinds of projects we execute include:

  • Research reports
  • Industry/sector-specific analysis
  • Product and business development consultation
  • Networking, lobbying and representation services

To schedule a Consultation Session, please contact us.